The Cryo-EM Facility at NYU School of Medicine hosts advanced electron cryo-microscopes fitted with direct detectors as well as equipment for sample preparation. In addition to operating the microscopes, our staff members work closely with users to provide training, to acquire data suitable for high resolution structure determination from macromolecular complexes and, if necessary, to help with image analysis and structure determination. Facilities are available for use by researchers from NYU, from other academic institutions or from industrial partners.


  • Talos Arctica is in operation for screening and overnight data collection using SerialEM. Validation includes a 3.4 A structure of the proteasome.

  • Titan Krios is installed and facility staff have completed applications training. A new high tension tank has been installed and the instrument is ready to use for validation.

  • Vitrobot has been replaced with a new unit and is operational.